October 2-7, 2016
Sochi, Russia

Visa support

A valid passport and visa are required to enter Russia. In most of countries such a visa can be obtained from Russian Consulates in return to corresponding formal invitation issued by Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In the case of necessity, the Organizing Committees of NEPCAP 2016 will help to receive such invitation. To get it, the person to be invited has to send a copy of the first page of his/her passport to the conference organizers by e-mail: This message has to be accompanied by the e–mail message, containing the following personal information: first name, last name, sex, date of birth, passport number, date of passport expiration, nationality, employer, work address, phone, fax, position, place of visa application (country and city, where is situated the Russian Consulate), supposed dates of country entering and leaving. The same information is required for all the accompanying persons.
Issuing such invitations and delivery of original copies require a lot of time (at least 1.5 month). The interested persons are encouraged to deliver the enumerated information before August 1, 2016.

Please, fill in and send the Visa support form (see below) to
Besides it is necessary to send us by e-mail the basic page of your passport.

Visa support form:

  • Name (first name, last name):
  • Data of birth (country of birth, place of birth: region, city, etc):
  • Sex:
  • Citizenship:
  • Number of the passport:
  • Date of distribution of the passport:
  • Place where the passport was issued:
  • Company / Institute:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • Postal Code:
  • Country:
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • e-mail:
  • Position:
  • City, where the visa will be received:
  • Visited cities (Sochi, Moscow, etc.)
  • Date of arrival to Russia:
  • Date of departure from Russia:

Please, send these forms to the NEPCAP 2016 Secretariat till August 1, 2016 by e-mail to

Please, indicate the mailing address to which the official invitation letter should be sent.

Conference Program Coordinator
Phone: +49 621 180 686 19
Send e-mail:

Conference Program Coordinator
Phone: +49 621 180 686 19
Send e-mail: